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"I am diamond, Ms. Pryde. I am, by definition, my own best friend."

Climbed in the laundry basket to sleep after people left.

Climbed in the laundry basket to sleep after people left.





My loves.

My loves.

140904 MCountdown Tribute to Ladies Code EunB


i know everyone is mourning eunbi, so i thought it would be nice to take a minute and look back on how lovely she was in life… it would be a shame for people to walk away from this only remembering her as ‘that one kpop idol that died in a car accident’ imo. so here are some nice things about Go Eunbi! if you have things to add, definitely go for it

  • she said in an interview that her dream was ‘to tell the stories of all ladies’. her greatest aspiration was to give a voice to young girls through her music.
  • she kept the first gift given to her by a fan in her bedroom
  • she was always cheerful and happy. you know how some groups have that ‘vitamin’ member? k-fans called her EunVitamin bc her energy was so contagious.
  • even when fans crowded her she’d greet them kindly. she’d talk w/ them and hold their hands as she walked.

I keep crying, and I feel so sick. I just want to go home, but I have to get through today. I keep closing all the windows and trying to focus, but I come back because it feels like trying to focus on anything is just pointless

Everything is pointless, and she’s gone. And I want to go home.

I wanted to look at pictures and just be sad, in a way I’d hoped would be cathartic, but

These are the times I wish I was religious. I wish I could pray and light a candle and think that my actions and thoughts meant something. To her, to her family, to everyone that loved her.

I wish I had that deep knowledge that she was happy or resting and watching over us.

She’s gone. She was 22. She wanted to go see her family for Chuseok. She made so many people smile, and now, she’s just gone, and there’s nothing else. And all these tears are for nothing, because I don’t feel better. I just feel sick.


고은비 [1992-2014]
- Thank you for sharing your talent with us while you were here on this earth, sweet angel. Rest in peace.

Ladies’ Code EunB remembered for loving her fans; reporter writes touching narrative



"Ladies’ Code" member EunB was an infamous fanbabo (meaning she loved fans). She had no distance to her fans; she always wore a big smile and even held hands with them. When meeting EunB, chit-chat is normally just the start. This is a narrative by a Korean reporter.

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